About Mumbai..

Mumbai – a place where millions of dreams are realised..it is also known as ‘City of dream’. City offers a great reward for the dreamer. Mumbai is great in many ways but very commonly it is great at providing a stage to the one looking for.

Mumbai has given many things to me, but importantly it has given me the freedom to go out and follow my dream.

City offers rewards to the one who is ready to take risk. City also consists of beautiful and historic places.

Mumbai is mostly famous for ‘Mumbai locals’ but at the same time Vadapav on Mumbai street cannot be ignored.

Mumbaikers are very helpful, but at the same time they can be a problem (very few).

Mumbai is Speechless, It is Great.One will fall in love with the city once lived.

Personally, I would like to thank Mumbai local. For being a bridge which daily joined me and my dreams. She must be late sometime but she always came to pick me up.. 

Proud to be a Mumbaiker.


Overcoming Failures

Failures are something that are experience by everyone. It is something that comes on your way every now and then. Most of them knows how to crack and overcome them, but many of them don’t. 

Its very simple, Failures contains small-small contents (ingredients) that may be useful for you to crack the Failure next time and succeed. The key is finding them. Once you are able to find out them you may be doing well next time.

As a well said proverb goes, “Failure are the stepping stones to success.”

Failure gives you clear view of what you have done. Your mistakes are transparent to you. Mistakes you have made will be infront of you. You just need to do is, Replace them with the right efforts in the upcoming time. 

Humans are tend to make mistakes, But whats important is to learn from them.

Failure is the part of Success…One cannot achieve overnight success. 

And one more thing,

Talent, Hardwork and Experience are so overrated that Grit, Passion and Curiosity can beat them any day. 


There are many ways to be positive and motivated. Different people follows different ways to feel cherish and high. Every Human being is unique in its own ways. The key is to Finding the uniqueness. Some find it very soon but many won’t.

Being positive is something very important in nowadays Day-to-day life, Your day shapes on your thinking.

People easily gets depressed and feel low. The main reason behind it is people start Comparing themselves with someone high in their field, without knowing that how many “Rains and Pains” he had seen, and that’s human behaviour. 

One should always aim at making himself more and more strong to face and overcome difficulties in his Life.

World is very beautiful place and human beings are the most beautiful creature on it. so, lets make the difference by being Good & Positive to all. 

 Have a good day guys.


Mood Swings

Hie guyss..

Many of you guys may have experience mood swings on a daily basis. The most annoying thing about mood swings are they just take us away from the work we are doing. Mood swings are pretty normal. They can be of any type. Mostly mood swings are compose of what you think. Now, one can’t control those mood swings but try to avoid them by focusing on thei respective work, I know it may be tough but it can be done by practicing.

Although it is very normal but at the same time very annoying if you are doing something important. Like studing for exam but suddenly mood swings to something else.